SHARE is an urban rite: "It's a mantra that tries to get rid of space, and in the action wants to free the share (share), it wants to relieve it from excessive forms, to bring it back to a more authentic location." Pietro Gaglianò

“The word Share ... ... in its most common use is a fact that is becoming more and more important in the media age, the "telescopic" telescopes, which leads to real challenges to the latest schocking news to increase visualizations, Precisely the percentage share.
The different languages ​​of the texts give the opportunity to seek understanding and knowledge, on the other hand to formulate a sort of "stream of consciousness". You can react "belly" to registry changes or wait for our synaptic connections to point us to an interpretation. The body becomes a tool by which to read the same question contiguously, a body that moves, agile, convulsed, pointing to small gestures or nerve nerves, as in a ritual oblation. A ritual that manifests itself in the stereotypical forms of urbanism, stimulating a common imagination, digging into the literature and finding similar reflections, asking questions, scanning a concept, treating it as if it were pure matter, such as the syncopated rhythm of a city To try to adapt. Acutemic sounds give the acoustic participation an additional strange effect. The sound of the bells reminds us of our abandonment to be slaves of a time marked by appointments to be marked on our Moleskine, united to a more eternal time, that liberates the mind, that of meditation mantras songs, overlapping and mixing with the City noise, events, television services ... Cross the meaning of Share, a precarious, exhaustive, but also physically exhausting game, how to hold a ball between two heads trying not to drop it. " Francesca Biagini
Francesca Biagini


Animal diaries

Animal diaries is a performance in which the performer uses different objects in the space, interacting with sound tracks, whistles, songs and a light that is self-activated by detecting movement.
The work dialogues with animals, echoes of the real me.
Love for territory and dedication to seduction.
The border between feeling and not feeling, between getting and crossing, between being and representing.

It is on the relationship between space and language and refers to the complex of qualities that are specific to animal life, relevant to the soul, to the communication that takes place both between individuals of the same species and between different species.
People entering the space change the whole space, the language.


In collaboration with Mauro Stagi
Music by Manu Atzeni

Performance that takes place in the form of dialogue, conceived as a mixtape, on issues of contemporary reality.
With their own authorial features the two artists respond each other with the contents, in a sequence like in a mixtape.
ith their own authorial features the two artists respond each other with the contents, in a sequence like in a mixtape. Elements elaborated from electroboogie, breakin, beatbox, cheerleading, texts in Italian and english, originals and taken from Shakespeare.
Two poetic identities: Caio Marzio / Coriolano (figure that gives its name to the drama of the Roman setting by W. Shakespeare, not much represented) and Elizabeth I Tudor (queen of England in the so-called "Golden Age" Brittany in Europe of the '600). The discourses including the idea of an auditorium are the body, the corpus.
The discourses including the idea of an auditorium are the body, the corpus.

The Roman age, the Elizabethan and the contemporary Ages. The unraveling of the political affair, the body of Coriolanus. Cuts the truth, poetry, irony, the monarchical body of Elizabeth.


(Something is burning over our heads)

With Silvia Tufano, Floor Robert, Alessandra Maoggi
Collaborations Mauro Stagi, Giulia Broggi

Debut 2008 Galleria Artsenal 63
a Winner of “ Emergenze Creative” Award.

Real things and false things, with the attempt of invention of new ideas, in a situation that stalls but will change.
We are capable to delude ourselves, but there are also real hallucinations, and there is a difference: "... hallucination is to believe in something that does not exist; To fool yourself is to take it from an idea, which is known to be not true but which is, however, better than truth, the same beneficial effect as if it were reality. Jhon Stuart Mill

Inorganic work on a salt carpet.
A more static part, with gestures, words, common arguments, plausible behaviors, original texts, anecdotes, reading poems, songs, choirs.
A moving part in which the figures are more obscure, an adventure that is not the same for everyone.
A text is written on a sign. figures are formed on the salt. Some extracts from the metapop book by Paul Morley.


The rabbit hole

Blu Almond

Blu almond is a research that originates from experimenting with colour, painting.
The work in progress reappropriates space and time to process feelings generated by the competition and homologation imposed by capitalism.
Colour occupies space, creating a fluid, expanding place.
A meditation in chroma, vibration, care.

The work places the path at the centre of the work.

The relationship with colour and its vibrations traverses mixtures, stories, the body, becomes sculpture, returns essence.
Morphologically similar to an almond, the amygdala is a part of the brain.


(everything changes: even the mountains move)

The body is hidden in an changing form of a golden mountain, an ephemeral sculpture that, in its desire to be a monument, finds its essence precisely in not being located and continuing to move in its environment. The body interacts with light without seeing it. It shines in an idea of the future that already seduced. It crosses places creating passing architecture. It is inspired by the story of Leonardo's unfinished work for a bronze equestrian monument. It wants to evoke an iceberg, of which we see a small visible part that hints at a much larger phenomenon, preparatory to others.

Liber I

Liber is a work in chapters that is still in the process of being elaborated, which with different languages includes original texts, drawings, traces, words, movements, messages to be deciphered, books, songs, video writing, artefacts.

Liber deals with the intimate relationship with the act of writing/reading, the link between body and book and what does not exist in the sign .
The work is in dialogue with the narrative voice that writes in us, speaking to everyone, to no one, to someone in particular, to oneself, to what of us is dead, what of us is still here. The work is formed around the corporeity of some indelible primitive traces of communication. It also has to do with dreaming, the feeling of a floating time and space, in contrast to the objective nature of books and our bodies. It becomes a messenger for other species.
It investigates in writing what is outside its own language, what is illegible. It considers the writing body.
Liber drags books and writers it loves.
(Liber, pact of freedom. together. solitude. language. question. copy. truth. absence.)


Bowerbirds is inspired by the birds of New Guinea and is created around their courtship habitus. These birds build their nests as architectures that merge with the environment according to an elaborate ritual of seduction.
The actions of the performance aim to redraw the margins between identity and territory, to experience the 'thresholds' in their making.
The work is about the abstract concept of entry. The bowerbirds' works, which include the outside of the nest, are made to arouse the desire to enter it. This prerogative is paradigmatic in the creation of visions, situations in which the perception of the possibility of crossing a threshold is intense.
Upon entering, moments of fragility are detected and revealed, cracks open in what we perceive. A non-space of incubation is constituted for imagining alternative transformations of the known world.