Live performance and video.

With Alessandra Maoggi.

esidenza artistica spazio K e House Attodue.


Animal diaries dialogues with animals, echoes of the real me.

Freedom, captivity, harmony and disharmony with the open or enclosed space, marked by the body in a path that draws it.

Love for the territory and dedication to seduction.

The border between feeling and not feeling, between learning and forgetting, between obtaining and crossing, between being and representing.

“Animal Diaries”

is a performative work on the relation space/language and that refers to the complex of the qualities proper to the animal life, pertinent to the soul, to the communication that happens both between individuals of the same species, and between different species and is defined in a temporal scan that I have called diary.

The performance takes place in the occupation of a space for a period of three consecutive days, living on its territory.

The public is called to participate by experiencing moments of direct involvement and moments in which it is left free to enjoy.

The alternation of these unplanned moments is in the essence of the performance.

Everything is around the momentary, the variations of the body, the phases of life. Chronicle of a journey, real or imaginary.

Creation of a habitat of settlement in a space for multiple attempts at expressive communication, investigation of language and identity in progress.

Small episodes occur, changing the habitat itself, in continuous construction and destruction. The “solitariness” of the subject is a condition for its living connection with the outside, with the need to interact and dialogue to evolve itself.

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