Liber I

Liber is a work in chapters that is still in the process of being elaborated, which with different languages includes original texts, drawings, traces, words, movements, messages to be deciphered, books, songs, video writing, artefacts.

Liber deals with the intimate relationship with the act of writing/reading, the link between body and book and what does not exist in the sign .
The work is in dialogue with the narrative voice that writes in us, speaking to everyone, to no one, to someone in particular, to oneself, to what of us is dead, what of us is still here. The work is formed around the corporeity of some indelible primitive traces of communication. It also has to do with dreaming, the feeling of a floating time and space, in contrast to the objective nature of books and our bodies. It becomes a messenger for other species.
It investigates in writing what is outside its own language, what is illegible. It considers the writing body.
Liber drags books and writers it loves.
(Liber, pact of freedom. together. solitude. language. question. copy. truth. absence.)