(Something is burning over our heads)

With Silvia Tufano, Floor Robert, Alessandra Maoggi
Collaborations Mauro Stagi, Giulia Broggi

Debut 2008 Galleria Artsenal 63
a Winner of “ Emergenze Creative” Award.

Real things and false things, with the attempt of invention of new ideas, in a situation that stalls but will change.
We are capable to delude ourselves, but there are also real hallucinations, and there is a difference: "... hallucination is to believe in something that does not exist; To fool yourself is to take it from an idea, which is known to be not true but which is, however, better than truth, the same beneficial effect as if it were reality. Jhon Stuart Mill

Inorganic work on a salt carpet.
A more static part, with gestures, words, common arguments, plausible behaviors, original texts, anecdotes, reading poems, songs, choirs.
A moving part in which the figures are more obscure, an adventure that is not the same for everyone.
A text is written on a sign. figures are formed on the salt. Some extracts from the metapop book by Paul Morley.