Sound Performance

with Alessandra Maoggi

2010, Novaradio, Fosca aocchichiusi Cantiere Florida.

Compilation of voices, lyric composition, song or a large number of animals, mixed reaction or expression of the soul of more people, more or less superstitious sharing of opinions and judgments, array of celestial spirits, space for singers in the churches, ancient The name of the northwest wind (maestral) and the point from which it springs. ”

The not presence of a mass.
Editing of live sampled sounds, elaborated around the idea (abstract, non-historicized) of “choir”, in its multitude of masses.
On this carpet are inserted live sound actions, sounds of small instruments and voice.
It is unclear, it speaks to suggest interstices and stories more or less nebulae.
Parallel choruses, underdeveloped passages, suggesting spaces for emotional connections and imaginary stories.


By Alessandra Maoggi

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