Movement By Monument


Monument Movement

(everything changes: even the mountains move)

Live performance and video.

with Alessandra Maoggi

Iceberg performance Debut 2018 Prelogòmeni-Gòmeni
Performing Art 3Days Coll. Superazione -Teatro Rossi Pisa.

Movement By Monument

A performance and an urban video

The body is hidden in an changing form of a golden mountain, an ephemeral sculpture that, in its desire to be a monument, finds its essence precisely in not being located and continuing to move in its environment. The body interacts with light without seeing it. It shines in an idea of the future that already seduced. It crosses places creating passing architecture. It is inspired by the story of Leonardo’s unfinished work for a bronze equestrian monument. It wants to evoke an iceberg, of which we see a small visible part that hints at a much larger phenomenon, preparatory to others.

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