2015 – 16

Post Elizabethan

Debut 2016 Fabbrica Europa, Le Murate PAC, Vivaio del Malcantone

by Alessandra Maoggi

In collaboration with Mauro Stagi.


that money
this money
all the money that is gone,
too much spent,
solfa falls asleep
It’s a destiny that give you
married to a tour opetator
restaurant menu
Who’s cooking at home?
fashion is to see you skiping the pasta
the ladles to your right
and there’s so much bacon
and you feel the spicy
the salinity comes out
the flavor is there
sparkling water

Performance that takes place in the form of dialogue, conceived as a mixtape, on issues of contemporary reality.

With their own authorial features the two artists respond each other with the contents, in a sequence like in a mixtape.

Post-Elizabethan: “Mood” della mixtape.

Two poetic identities: Caio Marzio / Coriolano (figure that gives its name to the drama of the Roman setting by W. Shakespeare, not much represented) and Elizabeth I Tudor (queen of England in the so-called “Golden Age” Brittany in Europe of the ‘600). The discourses including the idea of an auditorium are the body, the corpus.
The Roman age, the Elizabethan and the contemporary Ages. The unraveling of the political affair, the body of Coriolanus.

Cuts the truth, poetry, irony, the monarchical body of Elizabeth.

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