con Alessandra Maoggi

2013 Zoom Festival.
2011 Brac contemporary art library Firenze.

To transpose who acts things: put the essence, animate vital objects juice. Plastic elements for minimal fairy tales.
Indoor and outdoor play.
The inside of the house, the inside of the head, of the mouth: thoughts.
Mixing the plans, game of plans. Emotional reaction to the need to give in visual terms.
Providing scenarios in the fragility of things. Dream. Providing scenarios in the fragility of things.
Things are the way they are.
The body is a sensitive connection.

SUCCO is an animated installation.
A limited space, populated with “familiar” objects, in which various scenarios and figures are created that bring small stories and suggestions of a detailed and swarming world.
The body of the performer comes into contact by changing and acting a role in animated events.
Quick changes, rhythmic by the desire to content, providing live images as in video editing.
Objects and technical manipulation dictate the times, chaos or fixity. Small accidents.
The camera focuses on the screen near the scene and creates a double perception of things, with magnified details parallel to live viewing.

By Alessandra Maoggi

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